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Default Re: pressurized C02 cost

1) 10 and 20# tanks cost little more to refill than 5# ones and will last you 2x or 4x as long.

2) Tanks can be had for less - 380067508235 (search this on ebay - they sell 5 & 20# ones too)

3) I'm doing it the cheap, hard way - got an excellent 2 stage Victor regulator fot ~$60 on ebay, 150PSI rated 120V solenoid for ~$17 shipped (also ebay - search New Parker 120V AC Solenoid Valve, 150 PSI), and I've spent some quality time rooting through brass fittings & 1/4" copper tubing scraps at the local hardware store to get it all together. In my case, I had to have it all feed a 1/8" swaged fitting to allow continued use of the PEEK tubing I've already got (and love). Rex sells great stuff, but good used stuff can also be found cheaper (especially regulators).

It will take a couple of years of not buying sugar and Excel to break even, but I will also have the benefit of not having to clean out gobs of hair algae, and more space available under my tank (I'm currently running 2x 1gallon jugs of DIY mix under there).
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