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Default SCAPE site : i know you are wondering

hey everyone,

I am aware that people are wondering what is going on with the SCAPE forum. I am in the process of trying to get things back to normal, but unfortunately, the longer it is taking the more grim it is looking.

A few days ago the internet provider we use ( had problems with their servers and we had about a 24 hr period of no service. Then things went back online and they promised me they were just upgrading servers and that this was no big deal. 48 hrs later, the site went down with an error message that the database that runs the forum was missing. I have been trying to get to the root of the problems with the server people but unfortunately they have been absolutely terrible and no help, to the point where they told me yesterday that i needed to give them a back up which I did not have as they are supposed to be doing daily backups as part of the service. I told them they needed to restore a backup on the server, to which they replied this morning that they kept only 24 hr back ups in case of servers crashing, and so they do not have ours anymore, even though they were dicking me around for 3 days before getting to the point of the backup.

I am appalled and angry at their service and tomorrow morning will be calling their live line and asking to talk to someone in charge. Unfortunately, if this is true and they do not have a back up of the database, that means that the membership, the forum structure, the threads and the posts are all gone, as they are all stored in the database.

Once I figure out where we stand, we'll need to make a decision about where to go from there. This is terrible and it hit me at a bad time and I will do what I can and more to get us back up. The forum software is still on the site and I HOPE we'll be able to get a new (or an older backup) database up and running. With a new database, we'll have to restart sign ups and all the threads and all the info on the site will have to be done from scratch. IT will be slow and we'll have to figure out what to do with the membership of the site, as many of you have paid to become full members. I am aware of that, and be sure that none of the membership moneys have been spent and every record is available through paypal of who has paid and how long for.

I am open to suggestions or any questions that you may have. Post here. Please do not email or PM me unless it's a very private matter.

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