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Default Re: CO2 system suggestions for a 75gl tank

Originally Posted by FishyBusiness View Post
I am just setting up my first proper planted tank at home, I must admit I have just purchased a PH controller and only because it is a nice to have, it is proven you can run a tank beautifully with out one and it is also proven you can run on beautifully with one. Is it as simple as that?

Here is something you cannot do without a pH controller!

Check out this regulator from
Iím looking at the 289.99 model.
It has a digital bubble counter and an integrating display. Once you set your pH, the controller always has the exact same level of CO2 in your tank. The integrating display tells you exactly (to a couple of decimal places) how much plant activity (based on CO2 use) you have. When you increase/decrease your light cycle, the integrating display will tell you how much change in plant activity that produces. When a plant gets sick, you will know even before it starts to drop leaves from the decline in activity! Is that great or what?

I already have the digital regulator. The next toy Iíll get is the one with the integrating display.
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