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Default Re: SCAPE site : i know you are wondering

If it has drug on this long and they have not provided a back-up I think it is time to start seriously considering Plan-B. I have had this happen with a couple of cheap hosts. One went out of business and I lost everything that wasn't backed-up, the other decided that my auto-renew on my CC didn't go through (card expired after a few years) and deleted my account and all back-ups.

FWIW, I would strongly suggest switching to large, stable host. While there are never any promises of who will disappear to sell out tomorrow, I have had much better luck sticking with the big hosts. While you can surely pick holes in GoDaddy's plans, they are always up, there support answers the phone when you call, their prices are competitive, and they are not likely to disappear or loss your back-ups
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