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Default emerged parva

<<Is the problem with organic matter under water one of going anaerobic or is it something else? >>

No, you've got it right -- it's basically that the substrate (usually) goes anaerobic. Totally so.

The plant's roots can sometimes pump down enough oxygen to make things OK, but this is an expenditure of energy which could better be directed (for our purposes) into growth, flowering, etc..

Point is, the plant doesn't even require all that organic matter - the peat alone is fine.

I've now seen dozens of examples of both methods and most with too much organic matter either die or have to be rescued. My buddy, Julius Boos of Aroid fame turned me onto this method which is now S.O.P. for many operations.

He travels the state bringing me Urospatha, Draconoites, etc. to rescue at my place since he's out of room, so I've seen many, many examples of this and complete turn arounds in specimen plants once re-potted in just sand, peat with drainage to the water line as I've described.

No, I don't provide current to the water in my emerged growth -- not because it wouldn't help, but because I have so many plants I'd go broke and besides, they are far from any electricity anyway. They are growing in the typical nursery 3-4inch plastic pots and the three inch deep tray they fit into is just filled with water. This is my typical Crypt set-up.

Try it! Cheap and reliable.

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