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Default Re: How-To: Mineralized Soil Substrate, by Aaron Talbot

Originally Posted by Manthalynn View Post
I'm really looking forward to trying this. Of course, we're getting our two weeks of rain right now, so I'll have to wait to dry it out.

I also appreciate how well written your instructions were. Wonderful!

Speaking as a horticulture student, I wanted to add a few words of caution or advice on comments I saw.

Muriate of potash is a common term in agriculture. We dose it on our orchards and soils a lot. It may have meant something technical a lot time ago (like a food Calorie = 1,000 heat calories) but for us Aggies, it's just something you dose with.

Dolomite should be readily found at any hardware store or garden center.

When digging up soil from a forest, if it's a pine forest, make sure to start digging below the layer of pine needles. Also keep in mind that pine forest soil is usually very acidic.

Thanks again for the wonderful article!
Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the article. You can thank my lovely wife for editing well for easy reading.

Yes, Muriate of potash is sort of a general term. In this case we're after KCL or potassium chloride.

The dolomite often found at garden centers is not always the same thing. A lot of times it has additives and such that we should avoid. We're looking for it in the crystal form as seen in this picture.

Yes, definitely dig down a bit if you're going to use soil from your own yard.

Good luck!
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