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Default Re: glutaraldehyde instead of excel

Originally Posted by Zapins View Post
This is an absolutely fascinating observation and seems to support my suspicions!

The way plants incorporate nitrogen into their tissues is by using an enzyme called glutamine synthase to make glutamine in the following reaction:
(NH4+) + Glutamic acid ----glutamine synthase ---> glutamine

Glutamic acid looks like this:

and glutamine looks like this:

Gluteraldehyde (excel) looks like this:

Just look at the similarity between gluteraldehyde and glutamic acid and glutamine! The drop in nitrates makes total sense because the plant must be using gluteraldehyde as a backbone for adding nitrogen to. This is probably why the nitrate levels in the water drop after adding gluteraldehyde, because the plant can absorb more nitrogen without having to waste energy making the backbone for it.

I wonder if instead of being a CO2 substitute, is gluteraldehyde really just helping the plants absorb nitrogen faster (and therefore helping them grow faster)? After all, if it was providing CO2 then it would drive photosynthesis faster and produce pearling, and I have never seen plants pearl after adding excel, nothing like adding CO2 and seeing pearling.
How about this. Glut provides carbon dioxide which increases plant growth. Increased plant growth means increased nitrogen uptake and less nitrogen in the water, right?
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