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Default Re: How-To: Mineralized Soil Substrate, by Aaron Talbot

Awesome article Aaron, guess my hopes arent up when i got overwhelmed into planted tank. Especially the after math of setting one up, with the idea of dosing etc etc.........n the cost factor.

I definitely will give this method a try, with my low-tech setup hopefully it will provide some beneficial growth for some of the fauna in my tank. And not make some of look brown, or leaves that are curling.

Anyhooo few questions:

1. Dolomite ? Is this important to add during the initial setup ?

Reason i am asking i saw a reply in here, saying
Originally Posted by gasteriaphile View Post
Just keep in mind that the dolomite is for those folks with water that is too acidic! Not everyone needs dolomite. Out here in the Western U.S.A. most of our soils and water is basic, i.e. alkaline, i.e. high pH. Check your water's pH first before automatically adding dolomite. FWIW, Breck
Out here in Ontario, Canada the water isnt acidic at all, just stays are neutral 7.6ppm

2. Through this method would be a good idea to vacuum the gravel or not ?

3. Would this method also create a form of anerobic state, at the wee bottom layer ?

4. How far down should the plants be put into the gravel for those that require too ?

Thanks In Advanced,
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