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Default April 2009 Tank of the Month: Nico

97 Liter by Nico(uttoshii)

Introduction and Background

Hi everybody ,
My name is Nico , I'm french but i've been living in Japan for the past 10 years. I've started aquascaping in 2006, when i discovered Amano's work. So i guess i've been influenced a lot by Nature aquariums. I still try to develop my own style, as my tastes evolve constantly . I must say that living in Japan is a lot of help, in both the inspiration coming from nature and gardens and the easy access to products and information. I also get a lot of help in the different forums i participate in.

Here is one of the places where i get the stones i use in my tanks (and the inspiration too )


This tank was quite a challenge; it was made for a client who wanted a large view tank but that wouldn't take too much space in his office. We decided to install a 90*30*36 cm tank. Creating depth in this landscape was my main concern. I had to accentuate the slope as much as possible to do so , using a bit of sand in the foreground and placing the stones to optimally use the allowed space also really helped to create more depth. We also decided to do an unconventional iwagumi. Using stem plants in the background seemed to be a good way to make the scene more "alive"; a bit of Eleocharis vivipara to make it more "aerian" .

Here is how the tank looked like at the set up:

A detailed shot of the foreground (stone/sand part):

A side shot of the use of stones/slope:

Tank Specifications

tank 90*30*36 , 97 Liters
light: 2*32W na-lamp
filter: tetra EX 75
co2: pressurized, 2bps non stop
soil: aquasoil , power sand , bacter100 , clear super , tourmaline BC , penacW
ferts: brighty-K , step1 (daily) phyton-git, eca, green gain (water changes, 1/week , 30%)

Flora and Fauna

Flora:Glossostigma elantinoides, Eleocharis vivipara, Echinodorus tenellus, Rotala sp. 'Green', Rotala indica.

Fauna: Paracheirodon simulans, Hasemania nana


As for the maintenance, I can access this tank only once a week for 30 to 40 minutes. I guess i've been quite lucky, I had no algae (or other) problems. This tank is now 6 months old and everything is going well. It is still evolving; we are talking about doing some modifications soon. I'll keep you updated.

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