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I have gotten nuri from Shawn a couple times, and was very unsure if it was the real thing, which is why I never stocked it from him.

I work with Fishvet to import from Oriental. Charley works with some other importer. At one time I also worked with an importer called the Source Agency. We all pretty much have access to the same plants within the same price range, however, Oriental Aquarium is so difficult to work with it is always very hit and miss as to what you will get and the quality of the plants. One week I may be able to get one particular plant that Charley didn't get, or vice versa.

I have been trying to get C longicauda from Oriental for three years now... it's still on their price list, but it has never come. BTW, I have been trying to get their new hybrid cryps, but not only are they not available, but they tell us they have not even assigned prices to them yet. Very frustrating.
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