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Originally Posted by jrIL
The tank prices are about the same here. Got it from the local Airgas store. They don't like filling one from elsewhere.
Ditto here, except our local branch of Airgas doesn't seem to have a problem with filling other tanks. At least my friend brought in a stainless tank that she owned and they didn't ask any questions.
I just like to buy them there and exchange them every fill so I know they've been inspected and are safe.
At any rate, once you've bought the initial tank, the refills/exchanges are nothing compared to the benefits of having the pressurized C02.

I too use nothing but the Milwaukee regulators and controllers, and they've always been very reliable for me. The controller would tack on another $75 or so, so it's sort of up to you on that one.

As for which brand you buy, it's usually in part personal preference, which is why I pointed you to the Product Reviews instead of giving you my personal opinion, but of course I just did it now anyway....LOL!
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