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kimbm04r: You mention using this for two tanks. The 29 and the 10. I don't think the JBJ or Milwaukee out of the box will do that for you because you will need to have independent control of CO2 delivery on each tank. I've never done multiple tanks on one CO2 regulator, but I would think that there's probably a way to install some kind of splitter on the low pressure side which would feed out to a pair of bubble counters, needlevalves, and check valves- one for each fishtank. Depending on how you wanted to use the solenoid valve you can use only one to shut off both lines simutaniously, ie. put it on a timer (less $$$)or you can run two separate solenoids-each with there own CO2 controller (more $$) Talk to a repitable seller and tell them what you want to do. I'm sure they can come up with something, but I'm thinking you'll be a little over budget. Maybe $150??
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