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Default Re: Sound off if you are from the 808 state!!!!

Originally Posted by Travis.808 View Post
None that "specializes" but, there are some places that might help you on your quest. Oahu fire in the Pearl city industrial area great place to get your co2 tank filled only cost me $10 for a 5lb tank! Kalihi Pets has some great plants and fish and is where Jojo from Aquascapes originally worked. Coral reef may have some things you might need Anacharis was 3 stems for $1 when I went. I have also heard really good things about Kahala Pets discount but, haven't gone there myself yet. Lastly, ask here people are real helpful and you may find a good deal. Hope this helps.
I remember Kalihi Pets. I used to live in Kalihi. Are they still by that bowling alley?
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