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Default Re: Making a tree?

Okay, I'm working on my 2.5's tonight. When I tear the next one down I will play around the stuff I have to see if anything looks like it will work.

I have some smaller pieces that should fit just fine in a 2.5 and give you what your looking for.

For that size of tank I can throw in some rock that'll go nice with the wood if you're sort of thinking about a tree on a hill type setup. It's would be perfect for making a wooded mountain rock cliff type thingy....

Something else you might want to consider is how you anchor the tree. The first time I tried it I anchored it in too permanent and trimming moss in place on a tree in a small tank makes a mess. Second time I tried it I siliconed a plastic tube to the tank bottom and hid it in the hill of substrate. Being able to lift it out and trim it was invaluable to avoid having the trimmings all over the tank. It's hard to get all those small pieces out.

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