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Default Re: Easy DIY automatic water change system for less then $50

Looks good.

Same basic system I've been using for 20 years.

A couple things I would consider would be a piece of sponge in the overflow to keep junk out, I thought it wouldn't be able to plug also.......

In the top of your siphon tube where it goes over the top of the glass will slowly fill with air from out gassing, very slowly, maybe 6 mos. to a year it will break siphon because there isn't enough flow to keep the air out. My fix was to install a small barb fitting in the top and run it to the suction side of a pump, either a filter pump or the aeration input on a power head will work, this will keep a small amount of water flow in the siphon tube and keep the air out. It will also start the siphon for you when you first set it up.

You could also get rid of the upturned skimmer portion and have the intake under water with a sponge plug, this cuts down on the amount of stuff that can plug the overflow. The level of the 180 with the air hole will set the water level in the tank.

I have used the skimming and under water styles both and over time I have changed away from the skimming variety because they almost always plugged eventually.

Just a couple things to consider, but after having a water change system I'll never go back to hoses and buckets.
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