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Default Re: Easy DIY automatic water change system for less then $50

and from this post here is the fuguring the drip numbers:

Great water change set-up. I have a continuos drip system also. The benefits are really second to none.

A math professor and I have written a program that can figure out some stats for water changes. I'm currently working on a web version of this program.

Some stats based on a 150g tank-
2gph = 126.1 ml's per minute
You'll be using 336 gallons of water per week.

At 2 gph rate of change, the water qualitiy will be equivalent to doing a -

70% weekly water change, which uses 104 gallons of water.
53% water change 2x per week, which uses 160g of water per week.
24% daily water change, which uses 255 gallons per week.
(The fish will recieve no osmotic stress from a drip system water change.
whereas A 70% is potentially very damaging to fish)

At 2gph the nitrate's will be-

If 1 ppm of nitrates are accumilated per day = The Nitrates will plateau at 3.15 ppm in the tank
If 2 ppm = 6.31 ppm Plateau
If 3 ppm = 9.5 ppm Plateau
If 4 ppm = 12.61 Plateau
If 5 ppm = 15.76 Plateau

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