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Default Re: Easy DIY automatic water change system for less then $50

Originally Posted by Zapins View Post
Hmm interesting. I was thinking of adding a barb or a small valve at the piece that goes over the tank's side to make filling the tube easier. Thanks for the warning about degassing. I suppose if I have CO2 up really high I might have to be more careful with that.
Just the ease of starting the siphon makes it worthwhile for me.

Originally Posted by Zapins View Post
Can you make a diagram to show what you mean by this? I don't understand how it will work.

Once the siphon is started the output where it flows into the drain line will set the level. you need that point at the water level like you have it drawn, the intake can then be underwater and less prone to plugging, Mine were always smaller pipe so plugging was more of an issue, Nerite snails are a good plug for 1/2" PVC.

Originally Posted by Zapins View Post
Also, in your experience how often does the overflow design (like in the picture above) get clogged? Or does it ever get clogged enough to stop flow?
Mine would get crud in them and stop flowing enough to overflow the tank, that's why I got rid of the skimmer type, yours being 1 1/2" may never plug

Most of mine are drilled through the tank wall and I just put a piece of sponge in the bulkhead fitting and that needs to be cleaned on occasion, I had one plug after about 2 years so when ever I do a major cleaning I wash out the sponge.

If I had to do manual wc's I wouldn't have tanks, In the summer when I go racing the tanks are lucky to get fed a few times a week, I haven't done any maintenance on my tanks for about 3 Months now, I'm sure they would be a real mess without wc's.
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