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Originally Posted by db8 View Post
hmm... after searching more, found out aquatek's pressure is fixed. might go with the mailwaukke one in that case xD and thanks for the tank info. also found a 10# there for $89 and ships 22.30... so 5# or 10#?
I remember reading some bad reviews on the aquatek regulator however, I don't remember where. Get the biggest cylinder that you can afford. I personally have a 20lb and a 10lb backup but only because I have a 6-way splitter for my main tanks. Don't forget to buy teflon tape and extra nylon washers! When I first setup my co2 system I had leaks in various places until I put teflon tape on every threaded part from the cylinder to the bubble counters and I suggested nylon washers because I've had nothing but trouble with permaseals breaking(the milwaukee regulators come with 2 irregular washers but you can use the normal/flat ones that are sold everywhere).

If you ever decide to add a splitter, you might need some metal extension bars, connectors, etc to provide clearance between the regulator and splitter. This is the place to go.
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