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Default Project 178

Well, Hooha has successfully seduced me with steak into doing a journal for the Oceanic 178 that i just picked up this weekend.

This is my first journal! I usually take a "complete in secrecy" approach to my layouts, so any feedback or questions would be appreciated to make this more interesting and informative.

I just picked up the Oceanic 178gallon to replace my much loved ADA 120H that spawned this layout....
...this new tank is an effort move away from 3 tanks to just 1 large tank....that is the plan anyway

Tank - Cherry 178 Oceanic Ultimate - 60x24x29" - with matching stand.

Here are two shots of the stand that was easily put in place...

Here is the tank that spent the night in the truck, because i really cant figure out how to get it out!! This thing is going to require 3-4 people to help me lift it out!!

Up Next...

Prepare the stand (drill holes in sides for filter tubes)
Create light stand

I hope to update with pictures in the coming days.

Wish me luck,

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