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Default Re: Tiny super efficient CO2 reactor

I keep having problems with my Co2 bubble rate dropping to nothing, only had it going for a few days. I don't want to set it too high and hurt the fish but setting it around 2-3 bubbles per second and it ends up stopping. I am running it into a aqua tech power head I bought at wal-mart for 20$, not the cheapest solution but it is working decently well. Some of the bigger bubbles go to the top but there are smaller bubbles circulating around my 55 gallon. I actually just bought a 2nd aqua tech today and am thinking about setting it directly above to push the bubbles around even more. I may pick up this mini filter and put it below one or both of these power heads. I may be out of outlets though and no petco near me lol. Still need to pick up a drop checker too.
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