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Default Re: Tiny super efficient CO2 reactor

Hi, Nico. You've made some very good points here.
If you diffuse the CO2 at the end of the tubing the "bubble counting feature" of this DIY diffuser of cosmic proportions will disappear. You will not get any better efficiency out of it with an air stone.
In my experience, having experimented with both methods in two almost identical tanks with PH controllers on both, I found that with diffusing through airstone into sponge and dispersing throughout the tank I reached that sweet spot allot quicker than with the other. Whether the one is more efficient than the other is debatable as there are too many contributing attributes in differing setups. Ideally you should experiment with what works best for you in your setup, but regardless, I think one thing we can all agree on is that this is one tiny super efficient CO2 reactor.
The power failure protection Yes, this legendary design has a built-in power failure protection too. It will not allow the CO2 to be difused if the pump is not working. If the pump is not working there could be a power failure and there is no water movement. If you continue to disolve the CO2 as usual say good bye to your fish. Without an air stone if the pump stops working the CO2 bubbles come out of the end of the tubing and do not get chopped up by the impeller. They find their way out of the pump and float to the surface. No solubilization takes place. Your fish are safe.
This is a very good point and one that would not even have crossed my mind, mainly because I have backup power and is thus of no concern to me really. Also it only really apply to the DIY yeast method as with a pressurized system your solenoid valve would shut off with the power, assuming you are using a solenoid valve and have no backup power source.
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