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Default Wood choice for the planted tank

Can we assemble a thread that lists acceptable wood choices for the planted tank? If you know it's safe for tank use please add it to the list. Lets assume that it should be clean and not green wood, but seasoned and dead. For definitions of dead, seasoned see post #40. If we can get a good list we can make this a sticky. I'll keep editing this 1st post of the thread as the list gets bigger. For details about each wood see individual posts by contributors.

1. Manzanita
2. Colophospermum mopane (AKA mopani, mopane drift wood)
3. Chola (cholla, choya) wood
4. Rose wood roots
5. Malaysian drift wood
6. Ribbon wood
7. Cypress
8. Oak
9. Mesquite
10. Cedar - some are iffy on this one.
11. Grapevines - reported to rot quickly
12. Ironwood
13. Beefwood
14. Australian Pine
15. Azalea
16. Rhododendron
17. Madrona
18. Crepe Myrtle
19. Western Hemlock Roots
20. Contorted/Corkscrew Willow
21. Osage Orange / Bodark
22. Buttonwood
23. Baldcypress / Taxodium
24. Cherry trees- Maybe OK after aging, I would not risk them fresh.
25. Tulip poplars- Liriodendron tulipifera
26. Linden trees- Tilla sp
27. Maple- Acer sp.
28. Glossy Ligustrum, Ligustrum lucidum
29. Mangrove

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