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Default Shocked by my plastic marineland heater

I was cleaning my tank this morning, arm deep in it, when my upper arm touched my hanging light fixture, which is metal and has a grounded case. I received a severe shock as something in my tank was grounded to the water. Unfortunately my house doesn't have GFI outlets, and this hurt quite a bit (actually still hurts throughout my entire forearm). Luckily it was my right arm and I was able to throw myself off the tank after a second or two.

Anyway, after troubleshooting, I determined it was my Marineland Stealth Pro heater, which is "Shatter-proof submersible aquarium heater with safety shutoff". What a bunch of BS...

My main complaint is that there is absolutely no way to tell if the heater is messed up. Glass heaters usually are broken or have a crack in them when they ground out your tank. This thing looks as new as the day I took it out of the box.

99/100 times someone is shocked it's a heater, and apparently plastic ones are no exception.

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