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Default Re: Shocked by my plastic marineland heater

Damn! Well lucky you are ok and all. I'm sure the tank volume helped a lot in reducing the shock delivered to you, so it could have been worse. I also get small shocks sometimes when my arm touches the reflector of my lights, which is strange since the lights aren't connected to anything electrical and the only thing they touch is the glass bulb so I really don't see how the electricity is conducted from them, in any event its mildly annoying.

Anyway, that is pretty epic This story is up there along with the guy whose DIY CO2 exploded, the guy whose Jebo lights caught on fire, and the guy whose piranha nearly bit his finger clean off, oh and not to mention the guy who crushed a snail with his finger and the shell cut him, only to give him a terrible infection nearly requiring the amputation of his whole arm!
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