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Default Noob equipment questions.

Hi everyone,
I'm new to planted tanks and this forum and i had a few questions. I currently have a perfecto 75 gal tank with a 48in double strip light, an aquaclear 110 filter and 90lbs of flourite gravel in the bottom. I haven't started putting any fish or plants in it yet because i wanted to get my equipment setup and running first.
I had started to look at the EHEIM filter lines and couldn't decide between the 20/2126 or the 20/2128 the heated unit sounded nice but i already have a 300w heater in the tank and it's an extra ~$50 I'm not sure i want to spend right now. I do have access to a 2229 for free right now but i need to but the media, pads and i think a few parts which would probally cost less than $100.00 but it's a wet/dry and i keep hearing that thats not a good filter for CO2 tanks.

CO2 system.

Currently have an 80 double hood
was looking at
48in orbit 260w
48in aqualight double 260w

UV sterilizer:
Aqua 15w i figured 15/18 should be big enough for a 75 gal

Fish: I would like my main fish to be either cobalt discus or altum angelfish which is why i was leaning towards the automated co2 system.

Any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated
Thank you,
Andy H
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