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Trena, thank you for the links and the info, i think you just sold me on the aqualight especaily now that i just saw the adjustable legs that looks like it will make working in the tank so much easier. One thing though. the tank is in my bedroom and i was thinking of lunar lights if i wanted to watch the fish at night, could i get the lunar aqua light and switch the actinic bulbs out for 6700k bulbs?

about the filter, i guess i was worried that the 2026 wasn't going to be big enough to handle the tank which is why i was considering the 28 and do you know if you can inject co2 into the Eheim units without any problems and if you can't, is the water flow strong enough to hook a reactor inline with the output hose of the filter so i wouldnt have to use a powerhead.

Thank you again.
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