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Default Re: Plants for African Cichlids?

I know this is an old thread, but my p. saulosi ate most of my new order of riccia fluitans (floating) in a day and I had to take the little that was left out to save it. I was surprised because none of the reports I read had them eating it.

They also nibble on my cabomba but have not destroyed it. They also like to bite the leaves off of my giant hygro, so I come home to a bunch of bare stalks and floating leaves and mbuna giving me a "who, me?" look. I don't know if they do it for fun or they find the part of the leaf where it attaches to the stalk tasty or what. They leave anubias, java fern, and hygrophila difformis alone. They eat java moss like spaghetti, but they may be doing it for the algae on it, and spit it out after. Just my experience.

BTW, Travis, if you read this, thanks for your reports and pictures. You are my hero. What a tank! What is it looking like these days?
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