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Default Re: 72G Controlled Fury

Originally Posted by houseofcards View Post

Tank still going strong about 10 months after setup. Very little maintenance other than clipping the ferns,thinning out the blyxa and refreshing the sand so tank has lived up to it's promise of being low maintenance. One curious think is that I'm starting to see a slight dusting of brown particles on the plants. I'm not sure if it's diatoms or the breakdown from long-term use of Aquasoil II. I'm leaning toward the former but curious if anyone else has experienced this.

Hi Jeff,

The tank is still looking great, and I like the aquariums that you feature in your Blog as well. I have to agree with you, probably Diatoms. I have a 45 gallon with natural gravel where the plants grow great. It has been set up for about 15 months and Diatoms are starting to show up here and there in the last month or so. When this happened in a smaller tank, I just added a couple of extra Ottos and they took care of it in a few weeks. Let us know how it turns out!
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