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Default Re: Shocked by my plastic marineland heater

Marineland just replaced the heater which is nice. They said that recurrent drying of the heater can cause the seal to crack letting in water. 1 - 3 water changes a week probably accelerated the damage to the seals. They also said that it's not possible for a dangerous voltage to be introduced to the water, but I measured a full 120V in the aquarium which is very dangerous. Also did a resistance check from the heater to water, and it was very low (almost 0) in addition to the resistance of the water so disregard the non-dangerous voltage theory.

Also, went ahead and installed a GFI outlet for the aquarium, even though I don't own this house. My Milwaukee PH controller trips the GFI every time it turns on, which is a pain, but probably worth dealing with vs getting shocked again. Had to run an extension cord to another circuit for the PH controller.
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