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Default Re: DVAGA--January 2010 meeting (1/2/10)

Day 4 of El Natural:
Ammonia: 0 ppm
Nitrate: 5 ppm
Phosphate: 0 ppm
pH: 7.4

Not much has changed in terms of water parameters. I added some MTS, ramshorns, and pond snails. I plan on getting some shrimp and livebearers from rjfurbank this weekend to stock up the tank. Again, there is no filtration on this tank, just a heater. It took over a day for the temperature on the opposite side of the tank from the heater to reach the set-point of 72F, from a starting temperature of 50F. There are a few new leaves on all the stems, which is a good sign. The blyxa japonica is starting to fade from the bright color it started with, so not sure if it is going to make it.
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