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Default Re: Darkblade48's 2.5 Red Cherry Shrimp Tank

Updates for April 10 2010
I've been spot treating with Excel for awhile now, and it seems to be killing off the BBA. However, at the same time, it seems that there was a mass RCS die-off as well, so I'm going to stop for now (> 10 shrimp dead). The problem with Excel in a nano aquarium is that it is very hard to measure out the proper dosage (I am already using a syringe to measure out 200 microlitres).

Also, I haven't really done any maintenance on the tank in a long time, so excuse the overgrown look of the tank.

On another note, the emersed HC is doing quite nicely

Finally, the RCS that are remaining (there's still at least 20 or so):

Note that they aren't as red, etc. I guess that is all due to the Excel.
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