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Default Re: Darkblade48's 2.5 Red Cherry Shrimp Tank

Updates for April 25 2010

Plants are doing pretty well even after being uprooted. The Blyxa japonica is melting a little, but that's expected since it was uprooted. The melting isn't as bad as the first time.

It also turns out that the Red Sea Nano filter is a great shrimp killer. Even with the yellow sponge over the filter intake, it managed to to suck up 4 shrimp overnight...I was working last night, and heard this grinding noise from the filter. Turns out it was the sound of a RCS hitting the impeller ... So I tried to turn down the filter, reposition the sponge, etc, but still managed to get 4 more shredded shrimp this morning.

Tank pictures:

The emersed HC

And finally, the RCS. Not to worry, I still managed to count 15+.

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