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Default Re: June 19th Plant Club Meeting

Originally Posted by Riverboa View Post
It looks like I'll be joining this month's meet. Looking forward to meeting you all.

I'll look forward to seeing you there as well!

Originally Posted by Zapins View Post
As for the discus eggy wegs I was planning on feeding them baby brine.

I think I have some newts I could give away if people want them. Actually I also want to give away my painted mantella frog if he is still alive.
Bring a newt, I'll take him in or give him to one of my siblings (considering we've cumulatively kept our African clawed frog alive since I was 8 yrs. old, I think we can handle a newt). I figure being a native, he doesn't need a heater... though he might actually like my 29gal Ancistrus setup - its very murky and bog-like, what with the driftwood and all, and only has 2 male plecos in it atm.

o.0' Did you lose your frog or something? I mean, I know my sumo loach likes to disappear for days on end to scare me into thinking he died, but a frog? Anyway, I'll ask Mimi (the younger of my younger sisters) if she wants a frog, too... she's been trying to convince us to get a male African clawed so she can breed them (because we obviously need more frogs swimming around o.0'), but maybe she'd like your little guy instead...

I don't know that discus fry can survive on bbs alone... I think there's something in their parents slime that they need to eat when they're really young, or else they die...

Oh, and a more relevant update: we can add Polygonum spp. to the list of things we'll encounter/collect. I spotted a stem of it today, growing near the edge of my stream - which is rather pitifully low right now, seeing as we've had like no substantial rain lately... ironically, I'm typing this in the middle of a brief summer downpour, yet broadly speaking it's true. Anyway. Polygonum. Had those distinctive heart-shape markings on its leaves and all. No idea what species, I'm gonna leave it where it is to grow 'til the meeting. Watch, with my luck the groundhog will come by, bypass all the Ludwigia, and pluck out every stem of Polygonum on about the 18th or so.
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