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Default Re: June 19th Plant Club Meeting

Originally Posted by Zapins View Post
Muahaha!! Trout beware! Crayfish too!

As for the baby shower... its a facade man! Shes going to a strip club with her friends and they don't want to traumatize the kids!! !!!!!!!

By the way... on a more random note I just found the most awesome website. It shows you how to make a casting furnace! Tomorrow I'm going to buy all the materials and start making statues... of myself....
XD It probably says something about my mental health that I think that's actually kind of a cool idea. Except the statues of you part. You're nice and all, but I don't like you enough to go around making statues of you :P (Heck, I don't even like me that much... statuary is hard work.) I can, however, be commissioned to do graphite & color portraiture. But that's not the point lol.

Originally Posted by khanzer22 View Post
Haha, strip club in broad day light, I don't think so!

I wish we still have my wife's kayak so we could reach places that we can't reach by foot...

How big is the statue you're planning to make? Miniature ones? LOL
There are few (inland) places in the state of Connecticut where the water is so wide that I cannot reach by hand and foot, lol. Especially if I have a snorkel set with flippers and all. I have no problem diving 10ft down, either, but the places we're visiting are mostly under 8ft... the park by my house might be a little deeper at the center, but I'm not even sure they allow swimming in the first place.

On another note, we should totally all make plant-collecting action figures (what's the point of miniature statues if they don't move?). Equip them with little plant accessories and stuff. Maybe some removable wading boots and flippers and 5 gal buckets, lol. :P
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