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Default Re: June 19th Plant Club Meeting

Originally Posted by asukawashere View Post
XD It probably says something about my mental health that I think that's actually kind of a cool idea. Except the statues of you part. You're nice and all, but I don't like you enough to go around making statues of you :P (Heck, I don't even like me that much... statuary is hard work.) I can, however, be commissioned to do graphite & color portraiture. But that's not the point lol.
Hahaha yea, well I'm planning to make a cast of my face to give to my girl friend, making a full size (and anatomically correct statue) of myself would take quite a lot of metal and time!

Originally Posted by asukawashere View Post
On another note, we should totally all make plant-collecting action figures (what's the point of miniature statues if they don't move?). Equip them with little plant accessories and stuff. Maybe some removable wading boots and flippers and 5 gal buckets, lol. :P
I freaking love this idea! If someone could make a prototype statue I can easily make an impression of it and cast it. I want a bucket on my heat and a giant 2 handed net as my gear, oh oh and flippers too! Maybe that is what we can do for an end-of-the-year prize instead of a plaque - customized statues haha with the title.

As for progress on the casting project; I successfully wasted 180 bucks on materials today and built the flame-thrower apparatus. All I need to do now is mix the refractory material and get a few more supplies and I'll be ready to start melting scrap metal! I still need to find fireclay which is basically sand/clay with a very high aluminum content (it looks grey when wet). Also, I might need to find some very fine silica sand (as much silica content as possible) and finally I need a piece of sheet metal to make the kiln's exterior body. I also have a high pressure propane regulator coming in the mail, so when I get the sand/clay/sheet metal and the stupid regulator I'll be ready to start experimenting. Probably in the next few days.

If anyone knows where to find fireclay or has seen a deposit of gray sand/clay please let me know so I can come pick some up!! Haha. I'll post pictures as soon as I get the parts and start assembling the other parts.

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