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Default Re: Beginner in Maui - Need some suggestions plz!

Thank you for your reply Aaron. I have seen Otocinclus' before, and I think that's the kind of fish that id definitely like to have in my 5 gal because they are cute, and active algae eaters As far as having fish in my aquarium, the practicality is going to go first, before the fishes looks. I was thinking about those red crystal shrimp, but I'm pretty sure they aren't legal in Hawaii. Then I looked at the Hawaiian Red Shrimps, considered it for a little, but read that they're small enough to become a meal to bigger fishes. So I crossed that one off. In conclusion I'm going to go with 2 Oto's and maybe 3 male guppies. I wouldn't want a betta possibly uprooting my plants D: since they are pretty strong.

Well I went to my local river, and found some pretty nice rocks to put into my tank... here's a picture.

I scrubbed the rocks in warm water before placing them in.
I've just completed my first week in cycling my tank, and the results are great. The light is on about 10-12 hours a day (Which will be reduced to about 8 hours from now on) I've ordered a light timer for this purpose XD which will be coming in a few weeks hopefully. My Yamato Green fertilizer came in, but my Micro Swords are still "Processing". I think they might be back stocked on that, because I paid for priority shipping...(Can't wait argh...) Any suggestions on which fish I should add first?
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