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Default Re: Hey there

I invited a girl from work named Kristina, she said she'd come along when she got off at 2:30 (I figure we'll still be going over the group order idea then, anyway).

Michael, could I bother you for some Elatine triandra as well (is it emersed or submersed, btw)? I'm still being all rampantly collectoritis-ish and all. If you have any spare cuttings from that Staurogyne sp. 'Low Grow' I'd love to get my hands on that, too, and maybe the Ludwigia senegalensis? Basically I just want to get my hands on anything I don't already have :P S.O.P. for me, lol.
I'll give you a nice branch of my corkscrew willow in exchange, if you want. The plecos love to chew on the bark of it

I'll also bring along some stuff from the tanks of mine we won't be seeing (i.e. like the ones in my bedroom, for instance), but other than that if I have spares in the tanks we will squint at, I'll trade them

As for the muddy driftwood pieces, you could always bring a black trash bag to wrap them up in. Mind you, nothing big enough to require a trash bag is going to fit in my car, but it's a thought if you want to hitchhike with someone or avoid mess in your own car. :P And, for the record, my car is not "nice" by any stretch of the imagination.
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