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Default Re: June 19th Plant Club Meeting

We had so much fun that even our fun had fun! (I don't know, that sounded more intelligent inside my head.) Also, we got some GORGEOUS rootwood from a dead tree by the river... Michael somehow wedged an 8-foot branch of it into his little car - I hope he didn't get pulled over for it sticking out of his window a bit o_O... it's actually a good thing he didn't follow me back to rt. 25 on his way home, since Kristina and I had to go through a DUI checkpoint (aka the "field sobriety inspection"). That was an interesting conversation, which went something like this:

Officer: "Have you consumed any alcohol or controlled substance this evening?" (*shines flashlight in my face*)
Me: (*blinking in the blinding light*) No, I have not...
Kristina: I had a Tylenol awhile ago....
Office: ... ... ...Alright, drive safely.
Me: Kristina, he doesn't care what you had, you're not the one driving!

So... yes. Driftwood (you guys who left early really missed out!) And a ton of plant species, some we've seen before and others we haven't. And some really funky macro algae stuff that grows on rocks in river rapids. Some neat rocks, too...

Hopefully John and Michael will upload some of their photos from the trip in the coming days. I was too busy wading and clambering around the aforementioned rapids and snagging planty things and such to take photos (that and my sister "borrowed" my camera today), but we found some fascinating wildlife which we photographed... a neat little salamander, a baby turtle, a ringneck snake, some frogs... all sorts of cool things.

BTW, guys, looked up the striped fish in CT ponds, the only thing that turned up with those markings is the yellow perch, but the body shape just didn't look right to me... yellow perch have more compact,bass-like, laterally compressed profiles that the fish we saw seemed to lack. So apparently, we need to find something that's shaped like a red pickerel but has the barred markings of a yellow perch o.O'

Eh, anyway, I'm all tired out now. Got a busy day tomorrow, too, so I'm turning in for tonight
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