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Default Need help getting rid of BBA

I'm really stumped by this one. I know the first response for BBA is to check C02. Well I have been in the 30 to 40ppm range now for several weeks and just can't get rid of it!! It is mainly attacking the slower growing Anubia leaves and its slowly spreading from plant to plant. It has even started to appear on some of the moss. It also inhabits the large piece of driftwood in my tank . I have 10 or so otos in the tank that are eating some of it, but I think it is growing faster than they can eat it. A few weeks back I went ahead and cleaned the filters trimmed the affected leaves off and removed as much as I could from the driftwood. Flipped the rocks over that had the stuff growing on it. Basically just tried to make life as hard as I could for the stuff, but it's back again. Perhaps I just don't have enough fast growing plants? the tank is mainly slow growers although I have a good amount of floating plants like Frogbit and watersprite that grow quickly.

Here are the tank parameters:

Size= 4'x2'x2' 125g
Lighting= Coralife fixture with 4x65w bulbs on for 12 hours
Plant mass= moderate
Bio load= 4 adult Discus, 20 small schoolers, few other small fish
Feeding schedule= 3x's a day live and frozen food.

Potassium= 12-18ppm

I do weekly 50% water changes and dose the following after refill:
1tsp Potassium Nitrate
1.5tsp Potassium Sulfate
4ml Fleet enema

midweek I dose:
1/2 tsp Potasium sulfate and Nitrate
2ml Fleet (phosphate)

55ml weekly total of Flourish and Flourish Iron are continually added to tank via a dosing system.

The only other thing I can think of is to stop using the PH controller and just leave the C02 on all day with a calibrated a bubble rate to hit a lower target PH during the day? Maybe reduce the photoperiod too?
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