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Default Re: Pond algae problem!

Ponds go through a lot of changes in the first six months, and almost all of the changes involve some sort of algae! Try to get as much surface area of your pond covered with emergent plants as possible--water lilies or any of the legal floating plants. Hornwort helps even if it is not emergent. It is a nutrient sponge and suppresses algae by allelopathy. You can also try barley straw in your filter or just suspended in mesh bags floating in the pond. UV sterilizers are supposed to help too, but are very pricey.

I'm new to planted aquariums, but experienced with ponds. Be patient and get lots of emergent plants in there. With the change of season sunlight will be less intense and that will help too.

BTW, thanks again for the shrimp and duckweed at the last meeting!

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