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Default Re: Pond algae problem!


Michael's hit it spot on. Get as many emergents in there as possible. Not only will they soak up nutrients in the water column, but they'll provide shade which will inhibit the algae.

It sounds like the slimy stuff is a type of cyanobacteria. When they get light and start photosynthesizing they'll float to the top. When it gets dark and they stop, they sink. Try your best to scoop them out during the day.

Also, what are your plants potted in? What's the alkalinity (KH) of your water? Ponds are different beasts than aquariums. You really don't want nutrients in the water column unless it's Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Carbonate. N and P in the water feed algae.

I'd be happy to come visit and give you some advice on maintenance if you'd like. I used to do pond maintenance for a living. Now I'm looking at the science of it. I like the new job better than the first.

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