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Add more CO2. Never place your faith in a test kit. Algae doesn't lie. Adequate CO2 amounts will halt BBA, but it will not simply disappear. You must manually remove it. I would also remove the driftwood for now. BBA is adapted to grow on decaying material, which is what dw is. Be sure to keep a very clean tank. Debris of any kind must be removed and the gravel must be vacuumed every so often.

The only way I've ever been able to successfully beat BBA is to strip the tank of everything and start anew. Bleach equipment, rocks, etc., and prune all of the plants until they are free of visible algae. However, you must be absolutely sure that when you put everything back in, your CO2 is more than adequate and STABLE.

There is a fine line between enough CO2 for plants, and too much for fish. This is the line you need to ride. Set it, and don't touch it. CO2 24/7 for stability. Excess is one thing, but deficiencies are unacceptable. I keep a planted tank with fish, and a fish tank with plants, so I totally understand your situation.

Hope this helps, and good luck!
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