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I too recently got into this hobby. I set up a 30 gallon tank with the bottom half water and elevated land. A pump creates a waterfall and a creek that leads back into the water. I keep about 10 minnows, a baby turtle, two fire-bellied toads, and a newt in the tank. The minnows have bred and the turtle seems content with his own pellet food. I also keep a variety of plants in the water as well.

Now I'm working on an even bigger beast, about twice as long as my current tank. I would really like to have it thoroughly planted so a filter won't be needed.

I would myself LOVE some scraps, especially some carpeting plants like Dwarf Hairgrass or Java Moss. I wouldn't mind traveling to Fair Oaks to see whatchya got and hopefully get some tutelage? Send me an email and I'll respond fairly immediately if this sounds agreeable to you!
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