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Default Re: Road trip to Hakkai mountain! (Search for Hakkai stones!)

Originally Posted by Steven_Chong View Post
. . . That was not the biggest problem? Remember how I mentioned there was a 3 meter drop between the forest and the bottom of the ravine? That was the easiest point to get back to the forest. 3 meters is nothing for an average person to climb up or down, especially with roots and branches to hang onto with his hands.

. . . with his hands . . . you know, the hands I needed to use to life that 80 lbs rock with?

. . . hah . . . hah . . . hahaha . . . lol

. . . 3 hours of hiking and lifting the likes of which I never have (and never will again) experienced, I lifted the main stone into the trunk of my car, and howled a crazed cry of victory!~!
LOL! First of all, great story and lovely photos. An idea for you, though - I went rock collecting a few months back on Block Is., RI. The cliffs there are often a heck of a lot more than 3m, and naturally the best rocks come from the beaches with the highest cliffs (b/c fewer people have scoured over them). We solved the problem of needing hands and feet free to climb by putting the rocks we found in backpacks - of course, carrying around a backpack that's half the weight of yourself is no picnic, either, but it did help with negotiating the more treacherous, cliffy areas.

The moral of the story is, I guess, that if you're looking to find your own stuff to put in your aquarium, prepare to be a pack mule - and bring a pack.
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