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Default self sustaining mini ecosystem

hey everybody

i just found this thing while cleaning yesterday

as you can see its just an empty snowglobe. i have a really cool idea in my head to try and make a self sustaining enclosed ecosystem by adding some kind of substrate, plants and maybe some snails or, if i can get some at this time of year, some water fleas or something.
something along the lines of this :

what do you all think? could it be done with something so small? im looking for ideas/tips on what type of plants and animals might work best

heres an outline of my plan:

WATER: fresh rain water. its clean and naturally high in disolved oxygen

SUBSTRATE: some crushed coral or lava rocks from my planted tank. (straight from the tank it should have a good population of nice microbes) along with some sand or maybe even some soaked and leached out peat moss for extra biomass? not sure here. tips please!

PLANTS: a bit of fast growing pond weed thats good at oxygenating like hornwort or elodea

ANIMALS: snails. thats all i can think of really. they would keep the sides clean i guess. i need some ideas for this part. ive thought of getting some fairy shrimp since if found them before growing in some seasonal ponds. theyre cool but would get too big i think. and as far as water mites or water fleas, couldnt i get those from just useing some dirt from a dried up pond bed? they always seem to just magically appear so i think the eggs stay dormant until its wet, right?

anyways, thats all i can think of for now. ill get this going as soon as i do a bit more research
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