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Default Re: Buying plants off of internet?

Originally Posted by Kampi View Post
The best way to find out about the plants and fish and customs for the Islands is to send some emails to reputable aquatic plant and fish dealers. Hawaii may have some different restrictions than the mainland because of its tropical climate. There are real problems with invasive species in your state. Not a problem here in Las Vegas, or St. Paul.

I have ordered plants and fish via UPS and FedEx, but shipping can be costly. I do think there are some aquarium clubs nearby; did you check this out? They may not be on your island but it could be a start.
"Invasive species in your state"

I live about 50 feet or so away from THE Lake wilson, aka Wahiawa Reservoir. The salvinia molesta problem (or however you spell it) was absolutely TERRIBLE. It was really unbelievable.
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