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Botia sidthimunki dwarf chain loach is around $8ea, 3 for $21 something like that. my 1st group died by Ink. 2nd group doing very well. how big are they in NJ LFS? $20ea? its about an inch in my LFS.

Tetraodon travancoricus dwarf freshwater pufferfish. those are tiny pufferfishes from India right? $10ea? its like $3 or $4 in my LFS. i dont know if they still have that or not.

drive down to MD. only 3.5 hrs.

you can get them in here...

i'll go AC this afternoon. can check for you if they still have dwarf puffer. AC do ship them i think, but i dont know how much shipping would be. maybe you guys can do a group buy and share shpping.


Updated 04/03/04 1030pm!
dwarf loach $7.99ea, 3 for $23
dwarf puffer $2.99ea, 3 for $8.50
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