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Next is starting to cover the 2x4. I used poplar, mainly because it inexpensive, but with stain can look nice. Picking thru the boards at the store, I did have to settle for some green mineral stains. A tip if you find yourself looking a lot of ugly green poplar: the green turns brown if you set the board in the sun. Not too bad looking when that happens.

The legs covered over with poplar:

Using edge glued boards, not mitering the corners. Glue on the boards to secure to the 2x4, and finishing nails at the top and bottom only to fasten in place, so the nails will be covered by the final trim pieces.

The poplar in place, front view:

As you can see, the board covering the bottom rail was one of the pieces with mineral stains, as well as the top edge of the right leg. Hoping it finishes out ok with stain.

The legs have flutes routed into them to class up the joint.

A view of the side:

I messed up the left leg's fluting. These were being done with a hand held router and edge guide after the board was in place. I got the router's cord in my way at the end of the cut and mess it up. Then, I proving I can always make things worse, I did it again and then allow the router to wander at the other end of the cut

Was going to take it off and start that cover piece over, but attempts to ply the board off show I might tear everything up, so I decided it wasn't as bad as I thought. Will rethink this, as I might redo the fluting with a larger bit to cut out my mistake. That's for this coming weekend.

And for the record, this took 5 days over two weekend to get to this point.

The next items with be adding the top shelf, then final trim pieces, and lastly the finish.

And then I've got to do a light hood, and the equipment cabinet.

More to come!

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