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Default Re: 75 gallon tank stand build

Originally Posted by mindnova View Post
That is absolutely stunning work. Gives a little bit more nerve to try my own.
It also gave me an idea that if I want two aquariums in the style you have built to extend the stand out on each side enough to house a canister filter on each side.
The problem is I have the ideas but not the nerve or skill.
Can't wait to see the finished product.
Thanks for the encouragement, mindnova. I'm only a middling carpenter, but have done some DIY furniture work in the past.

The idea you suggest with two outboard cabinets surrounding the bottom is very good and could work as well. I think having a wider tank on top would be better as to visual balance so the stand doesn't become quite wide in comparsion to the tanks it supposes. As it is, the top shelf will finish out extending about 6 inch past the end of the 75 gallon on either side just to accommodate the same width tank on the bottom shelf plus the legs and trim. I unsure just how that is going to look.

And now that I'm thinking of it, maybe increasing the base with cabinet areas and doors on the sides opening to compartments to utilize the area between the legs for canisters.....

I'll save that for another day. Thanks!
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