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Default Re: 75 gallon tank stand build

Clamps off, edge is routed, and a angled cut stock used as trim under the top.

I was going to use more trim at the base of the legs, but got too discouraged on getting the pieces cut and installed correctly. So, stopped that, declared victory and did some final sanding in prep for stain and varnish.

Unfinished build:

Closer look at the top edge and trim underneath:

View from above:

Forgot a back view for the earlier construction:

On the back, I attached using coarse thread drywall screws. I like the wide heads of drywall screws, but they aren't as strong as deck screws, I wouldn't advise using these drywall screw in place of the stainless screw deck screws for use on the 2x4 framing.

Just need to cut a slot in the back for equipment pass-thru, stain, and varnish. Did a coat of oil stain yesterday. That seem to take a couple of hours and I was wishing I had some spray equipment and knew how to use it. Could have made the job a bit quicker. Too dark for any photos when I finished the stain, so that will be posted later.
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